Passion, Determination, Zeal, Research & Ambition
To build is to grow...
to grow is to soar...
to soar is to spread...
and to spread is to conquer the skies!

Sanjay Suryanarayana’s is a story built around ground work, hard work, passion, knowledge and ambition. Who was just a realtor around two decades ago, is today an entrepreneur in the field of real estate, due to his sheer perseverance and the rich experience he gained along.

It all began in 1994 when Sanjay Suryanarayana entered the field as a realtor and he swears by the lessons he learned from the scratch as his biggest asset, the ones universities hardly teach. By 1999 he was competent enough to acquire and market small projects under the banner Sai Associates. A decade down the line, gaining experience, expertise and confidence he was well on his way to be a professional realtor. And his break came in 2004 as he went on acquiring land, planning and promoting projects; all that catapulted him to the rank of developers. Here was a man who forayed into the A to Z of realty from the scratch. More so, due to his innovative outlook and the connect he developed with his customers. Once he tasted the success that he deserved, he never looked back.

In the year 2010 Sanjay Suryanarayana founded Redtree Estates, a construction company. After completing few High End projects under the banner Redtree, it was 2017 that ushered in a turnaround for him when he took over Maangalya Constructions, and began construction of Maangalya Prosper, Signature block, a unique high rise apartment project. Vouching for his innovative approaches and style, it made him to join the big league of builders.



Trust is the asset we value most.



Utmost transparency is our hallmark.



Quality is the mantra we follow.



Honesty is the policy we stand by



We make no compromise with time.

Red Diamonds are one of the rarest gifts of nature. In fact, so rare are those diamonds that only around 20 to 30 true red diamonds are known to exist.
red diamond

Sanjay Suryanarayana benchmarks real estate ideas with the 4cs of diamonds quality standards.

This is what makes him different from hundreds of real estate companies that crowd the industry.

This is his uncompromising business ethics and it is his sheer brilliance of ideas.

He constantly strives for perfection, and every idea of his must pass the 4Cs test.

  • Carat measures the strength of an idea.
  • Color of joy, of energy, of sunshine and peace… These should be outcome of every idea
  • Cut examines its many facets.
  • Clarity of vision is the touch stone that serves to remind us of where we wish to go and what we aim to do.

Moreover his strong business ethics, strong convictions, passion for innovation and ideas, customer centric approaches are as strong as any quality diamonds hence diamonds appear as a recurring theme in his realty sector.


We aim to craft, develop and deliver luxury homes that are valued by our customers, appreciated by peers and recognized as landmarks  by the community all while striving for excellence, We are constantly raising the bar delighting our customers and adding value to every stake holder.


Our vision is to create and deliver spaces that transform the lives of our customers.

  • To emerge as a brand that endorses high quality living and exclusiveness.
  • To constantly deliver quality homes.
  • To be ethical and transparent in all our transactions.
  • To strive for excellence.
vision & mission
Our dreams are big and our dreams are growing: from an idea taking shape in our mind, to the drawing board and to brick and mortar.
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